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Electric Ovens in Nigeria

1. Nexus Microwave Oven with Grill

electric microwave oven

Nexus is known for style and design, which reflects clearly in this 800-watt oven. It cooks meals quickly and evenly.  From its five intensity levels, you definitely have a match for your needs, be it defrosting or major cooking. Its 20-litre capacity and a wide frame ensure large dishes sit comfortably in it. It stands out for its energy efficiency.

The microwave oven works effectively on low voltage. Aside from its manual knob, with which you can control the heat, it also features a mechanism that regulates heat in a proportion of what is being cooked. This particular feature knows when your food is cooked, to switch off the oven.

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2. Saisho Electric Oven

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Saisho electric oven makes dishes on time and merges grilling and baking functionalities in one place. It has a compact design and portable style that aesthetically fits into every home.

While watching your meal cook through the transparent door, you can preset working time for up to 60 minutes. And you have two other knobs for complete control.

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3. Electric Oven With Grill Top (11Litres)

electric oven with grill top

The stainless-steel designed oven will surprise many because of its affordability. Arguably, its available at one of the least prices you can possibly get an oven. Notwithstanding, it performs at an optimal level.

The oven meets the needs of toast bread lovers without leaving out the tool for grilling. It is composed of two baking and broiling pans, which are enough for basic needs. As expected of a multi-functional gadget, you can easily control the temperature and time with knobs.

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4. Crown Star Electric Oven with Grill

electric oven with grill

Stylish and elegant Crown Star oven combines toasting, grilling, and baking tools in the most efficient manner. You have nothing to worry about when it gets hot because it has a heat-tempered glass cover. The crumb tray, baking pan, wire rack, and tray handle make it easy to use for anything you desire. Its timer affords you the luxury to relax while your meal cooks, and you can set the alarm from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

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For many people, a home is not complete without an electric cooker and oven in place. That they make life easier and make meals faster to prepare are enough reasons to crave them. I hope this list helps you decide the best fit for you as you seek to get one for your home or business.

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