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Top 5 Electronics Shopping Sites in Nigeria

In this article on, you will find a list of the top 5 electronics shopping sites in Nigeria. Not just the best, but the ones that offer the cheapest online shopping experience to their customers.

Online shopping is now the biggest trend when it comes to buying groceries, home appliances, mobile devices, gadgets and a lot more. This trend and competition kept rising every day as new online shopping websites are springing up day after day.

Gone are the days when people stalk foreign online shopping sites to buy things. It gets even worse when some of these online stores can’t ship to Nigeria. Shops like eBay, AliExpress, Amazon etc. have been the hub for online shopping for Nigerians.

But now… Nigerians have multiple options for buying or shopping for things online. You don’t have to wait for weeks before your product arrives in Nigeria. Neither do you have to pay for shipping or custom clearing charges?

I understand when you say, “I have not bought a thing online before“. Well, this is common among Nigerians who started their lives going to malls and markets. Also common among those who don’t feel safe sharing their credit card information online because of the high level of internet scam activities in Nigeria.

Here is a useful resource on how to spot scam websites. Also, you can read an article shared by CNBC on how to detect a scam shopping website. People who shop online oftentimes know legit sites when they find one. So read that article if you’re new to online shopping before getting started.

Let’s get started. Here are the top and cheapest online shopping websites in Nigeria.

  1. Jumia Nigeria |
  1. Jumia is one of the largest online shopping sites in Nigeria. In fact, It’s my number one online shopping website in Nigeria and that’s why it’s topping this list. If you’re looking for the cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria, then Jumia is just what you need.

You can buy all your electronics, books, home appliances, kiddies items, fashion items for men, women, and children; cool gadgets, computers, groceries, automobile parts, and more on the go. Jumia is the go-to place for cheap stuff. I prefer this website, not because of their quick delivery but their payment on delivery option.

  1. Konga |

Konga is my second choice store for buying things online in Nigeria. Two top Nigerian online malls, Konga and Yudala, merged to become one of Africa’s largest e-commerce platform

Konga, before it was acquired, was one of Nigeria’s largest online malls. Konga sells basically anything you can think of — ranging from electronics, mobile phones, computers, fashion, beauty products, home and kitchen, Building and construction materials and a whole lot more from premium brands.

When you shop with Konga, you can enjoy low shipping rates, discounted prices and flexible payment just like you have on Jumia. When you shop on Konga, you can pay with your debit card, pay on delivery or even via KongaPay.

  1. SLOT |
Slot FrontStore

SLOT was originally an offline store before setting up an online store to enable people to order goods online in Nigeria. They sell different goods online ranging from computers, mobile phones, gadgets and more.

Incorporated since 1998 and started importation of computer accessories the same year. Slot Systems made a priceless contribution in providing personal computers (PCs) in virtually every house and office in the late 90s. In 2001 they switched over to mobile telecommunication services and since then they have kept the flag flying high.

  1. Triple J Emporium |
Triple J Emporium

Triple J Emporium is an electronics online shopping website specifically designed for sales of electrical appliances.
Triple J Emporium is one of the top online stores in Nigeria, visited by thousands of people on a daily basis, Triple J Emporium offers a massive collection of everything from Mobile Phones, Personal Computers to Electrical Appliances and Home Furniture Supplies products at the best prices.
Why Triple J Emporium remains the one of the nest is because they sale their own products at a very cheap rate unlike other websites that sales peoples’ products, making the price of products to be higher in price.
Secondly, orders are delivered swiftly and securely.

  1. Jiji |

Jiji is quite different from all the online shopping sites mentioned above. They aren’t a pure online shopping site but this platform is amazing when you’re searching for used items really cheap. Although Jiji has been restructured and more merchants are using this opportunity to sell new items on Jiji.

Honestly, this is just a perfect place where buyers meet sellers or the other way round. They offer a variety of products on Jiji ranging from house, gadgets, computers, mobile phones etc.

Payment here is done after buyers get and tests their item. Different from other platforms earlier mentioned because there must be a physical connection between sellers and buyers before a purchase is completed. Just shine your eyes, don’t pay for an item you aren’t satisfied with!

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